Our History

Though new in name, Cornerstone Church has a rich history of laying a Biblical foundation in the Cape Ann area. Here is a brief look back at our beginnings.

1842 – A visiting elder from Essex held meetings in various public venues in Manchester, preaching the Gospel, with an emphasis on the imminent return of Christ. The public preaching led to a revival in Manchester in 1843. Seventy of these men and women joined together to form a church, first called “The First Christian Society.”

1844 – Land was purchased and a church building was constructed and opened for worship at the current 20 School Street location.

1850 – The church changed its name to “First Baptist Society” and associated itself with the Salem Baptist Association

1880 – the church building (sanctuary) was raised allowing for the present day “vestry” (or fellowship hall) on the lower level.

1898 – The church name was slightly altered to “First Baptist Church.”

1910 – Organ, choir, baptistery, and kitchen space created.

2015 – Church membership voted to change the name to “Cornerstone Church” and the Statement of Faith continues to reflect Baptist truths.