Scripture Memorization Program FAQ


What is the Scripture Memorization Program?
The program (re)started in March, 2011 as a way to encourage the church to make Scripture memorization a regular part of life.  We encourage one another through home fellowship groups, memorization partners, and other ministries of the church.  The program is currently working through the Navigators Topical Memory System.

Why are we doing this?
Memorizing Scripture is one of the best ways to grow in your relationship with God, fight temptation and anxiety, and to encourage others.  Unfortunately, it is often neglected because it can be difficult to do on your own.  Memorizing Scripture together as a church family will give us a tangible goal to work toward and others to encourage us along the way.

Who is going to participate?
Everyone.  (A shorter program of key verses is suggested for children.)

Is there a cost?
The Navigators pack which includes the memorization cards and a book with memorization tips and devotionals is $10 and can be picked up at the back of the sanctuary.  Memorization cards will also be printed in the church office and can be picked up for free for anyone who does not want to buy the Navigators book.

Is there a particular translation that I have to use?
Everyone is encouraged to use the ESV translation which we use in our ministry at FBC.  It is a literal but readable translation.  However, if you are more comfortable with another translation, you are welcome to use that.

How do I sign up?
In the back of the sanctuary or here.