Give to Cornerstone

Option #1 Give online

This safe and flexible option is an easy way to contribute to Cornerstone Church and is available for one-time gifts or for scheduled, recurring contributions. This option allows you to responsibly use your credit or debit card to give to the church. Online transactions through Zeffy are free of any transaction costs, so 100% of your gift will be given to the church.  You may choose to pay fees to Zeffy if you wish (to keep their platform running), but there is no obligation to pay any of the fees, and the church will always receive 100% of the gift that you make.  Thank you for your gift to Cornerstone Church!

Click here to give online

Option #2 Give through your bank online

You can give your tithes and offerings through your personal bank`s online bill payment service. These can be made as often as you like and may be made automatically recurring.  It`s simple, all you have to do is indicate `Cornerstone Church` as your payee and use the following information for the payee address:

Cornerstone Church
20 School Street
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944
(978) 526-4283

Your bank will send Cornerstone Church the payment, and we will record it toward your giving record just as if you had written the check yourself.  This option is preferred as it will not charge a processing or service fee to the church for the transaction.  100% percent of your gift will be given to the church.