Our Vision

For the glory of God and the good of others, we envision a church that helps build a flourishing community for all people through a movement of the gospel that changes the social and spiritual landscape of the North Shore and ultimately the world.

Our Values

Grace—we value authenticity. We seek to live as Christ lived, openly and honestly, extending grace while speaking the truth in love, accepting each other and our unique stories, while challenging complacency and encouraging continued spiritual growth.

Commitment—we value personal responsibility and the everyday commitment of the Christian life. We think each follower of Christ should have the freedom to become all they were created to be by discovering and using their gifts, addressing their issues, and being mutually accountable to each other and to God. In short, we value inviting people into our faith community life that goes beyond Sunday morning.

Courage—we value risk taking and stepping outside our comfort zone. We aim to be flexible, intentional, and sacrificial in our ministries as we seek to meet the needs of those around us.

Discipleship—we value discipleship and the life long journey of intentionally deepening our intimacy with God. We believe that discipleship and leadership development is a whole-church endeavor that leads to changed lives and a robust, thriving congregation.

Mission—we value mission and evangelism that serves others with no strings attached, while at the same time unashamedly inviting others into a deep relationship with Christ through repentance and faith. We commit to intentionally preserving space and time in our lives, and in our church community, for real relationships with non-believers. We’ll seek to embody this commitment by entering into the natural rhythms of local community life through service and generosity.