Have you been looking for a way to get to know more people at FBC and to get free food?  Then iS is the solution for you.  iS is an opportunity to join others from FBC for an evening of food and friendship in the home of a member of the church leadership team.

iS was formerly known as IRS, before the reforms.  For years, FBC’ers have gathered in homes for Informal Rotating Suppers and have enjoyed themselves immensely despite frequent reports of dizziness from the Rotating.  In an effort to reduce the ill effects of IRS, iS was created.  As before, everyone contributes a dish, but now groups plan to meet only once (though subsequent meetings are encouraged).

IRS is typically for adults though exceptions can be made.  There are no requirements for participation, just be ready to get to know some great people and have a great time.

Sign up for iS by February 19th.

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